Thesis Scholarship- Victoria Master’s scholarship


Victoria Master's scholarship

Victoria Master’s scholarship-Thesis Scholarship

Tenure of award: The scholarship will be awarded for a period of one year except as otherwise stated in the regulations.

Application closing date: Applications close 1st of November, 2019.

Number of awards available: Varies

Victoria University Scholarships 2019

The Victoria Master’s Award- thesis scholarship is given to encourage postgraduate researchers at Victoria. The University offers scholarships to students about to commence a full-time, research-based Master’s degree.

Purpose of the award

Applications will be received from those who are eligible at the time of application, or who will have become eligible at the start of the second semester of the following year, to enrol for a Master’s degree through thesis valuing 90 points or more. Sometimes this will be Part 2 of a two-year Master’s degree programme.

Scholarships Victoria

* Applications will only be received from those who are eligible at the period of application, or who will have become eligible at the start of Trimester 2 the following year, to apply for a Master’s degree by thesis equivalent to 90 points or above.

* Applicants who are not above 180 Master’s degree points will not be eligible for this scholarship.

* Applicants are expected to have completed a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree Part 1 with an outstanding academic performance equivalent to a First-Class Honorary degree from a New Zealand University.

* Scholarships will be awarded solely on the basis of high academic performance by the University Research Scholarships Committee, a sub-committee of the University Research Committee.

How to apply for the Victoria Master’s Scholarship

An online application will be available for at least one month earlier to the closing date.

Scholarship applicants must contact the School directly in which they want to enrol so as to assess the research proposal and the supervision feasibility.

Enrolling for Master’s student and applying for a Victoria Master’s by Thesis Scholarship are two different processes. The holding of Victoria Master’s by Thesis Scholarship is provisional upon the scholarship receiving-student gaining enrolment as a Master’s student.

Application Guidelines or Regulations

Scholarship values and inclusion:

The scholarship includes $15,000 tax-free stipend, plus tuition fees for one year. Fees will be paid directly to the University by the Scholarships body.

International students who are not from Australia will be required to pay the difference between the full international student fee and the domestic fee.

The scholarship stipend will be paid for each scholarship recipient on a monthly basis. The first kind of payment will be made by the Scholarships body as soon as it is applicable after confirmation of enrolment.

A stipend allowance of up to $200 will be paid for the cost of making the thesis in receipt of an invoice. Entitlement to this allowance will close if it is not claimed within two years of the date of application.

Approval for the period of a Victoria Master’s Scholarship with other awards that total more than $6,000 must be applied for from the University Scholarships Committee.

The tenure of other awards may reduce the value of the scholarship allowances.

Scholarships Office, 10 Kelburn Parade

Victoria University, Wellington

P.O. Box 600, Wellington, New Zealand


Decision making for the eligible candidate:

Scholarships shall be awarded strictly based on good academic performance by the University Scholarships board, a part of the University Research Committee.

How and when do students know about the decision?

All offers for Victoria Master’s Scholarships will be made in later date of the year of the application by December.

What are the criteria attached to the acceptance of this award?

1) The Scholar will be admitted for a full-time postgraduate programme and shall abide by the rules, policies and procedures of Victoria University of Wellington (the institution).

2) The Scholar will be expected to study a full-time research-oriented program that is required to complete the qualification.

3) The Scholar must acknowledge the conferment that the postgraduate degree can be withheld if the Scholar is found not meeting up to the University’s rules, policies and procedures or of this program.

4) Approval must be received from the University Research Scholarships board before commencing on any, other than permitted annual holiday leave. This includes any period the Scholarship recipient needs to spend overseas to embark on research relating to the approved course of study or research.

5) The Scholar must advise the Scholarships executives immediately if he/she will like to suspend or withdraw from a full-time study in the approved programme or research, any changes made on the supervisor, the date of submission of the thesis and any change of personal details (address or telephone number).

6) The Scholar can apply to the University Research Scholarships board for permission to hold paid employment during the periods of this scholarship

7) The Scholar shall pay back the University for any money paid to him/her by the University before the time of any suspension and/or withdrawal from the approved programme of research.

8) if there is any withdrawal from the research programme, the Scholar may be asked to repay the University for the full scholarship money paid for Scholar by the University during the period of the Scholarship.

9) The Scholar will have to complete the University scheduled progress reports during the time of the scholarship, stating and updating their progress.

10) The Scholar shall acknowledge that if the Scholar fails to make good academic progress in the approved programme, did not meet the University rules, policies and procedure, may lead to the termination of the scholarship.

11) The Scholar shall acknowledge that any changes made to the approved research topic will need the consent of their main supervisor.

Such consent will be considered by consulting the Scholarship Funder, considering the extent at which the Scholarship was originally given for a particular area of research.

If this is not agreed upon, it may lead to the withdrawal of the scholarship funds.

12) The Scholar must acknowledge that their completed thesis (or any other final area of work required to complete their approved programme of study) must be given to Victoria University of Wellington for assessment.


At the decision of the University Research Scholarships body, the application of any terms and conditions of the University Masters by Thesis Scholarship may be modified in some special circumstances or in order to avoid difficulties to the recipients of the scholarship.

The University Research Scholarships board will critically look into the terms and conditions of scholarship from time to time.

For more information, guidelines, application forms for this award contact:

Position: The Scholarships Office

Organisation: Victoria University of Wellington

Address: PO Box 600 Wellington 6140 New Zealand

Phone: +64 4 463 5557



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