Science Scholarships in Belgium The University of Leuven, 2019

Science Scholarships in Belgium

Science Scholarships in Belgium The University of Leuven, 2019. The Faculty of Science and its alumni association at the University of Leuven in Belgium are proud to announce the Science Scholarships!

Ambitious, motivated and talented international students in science are advised to participate in this Science Scholarships to study international Master’s programme at the University of Leuven in the Faculty of Science.

Applicants can only apply for a Master’s program, due to specifically assigned scholarships.

Science Scholarships in Belgium at University of Leuven

The following are Master’s program applicants can apply for in the Scholarship:

Master’s degree in Chemistry

Master’s degree in Geography

Master’s degree in Physics

Master’s degree in Statistics

Application Deadline: February 14, 2019.

The Faculty of Science at the University of Leuven offers top-level international programmes in all courses in exact sciences.

Learning at the university is based upon knowledge-driven research and initiatives for educational innovation likewise supported by research.

With programmes for first degree (bachelor), masters and PhD scholars, the science faculty offers possibilities for lifelong learning to Bachelors and Master’s in Students, in the accurate sciences and their community implementations.

Science Scholarships at the University of Leuven give scholars the chance to be part of this prestigious institute.

Targeted audience: Science Scholarships at the University of Leuven are for applicants from all over the world and this makes it a unique chance for all interested students.

The Katholieke University Leuven is abbreviated KU Leuven and it is a research-based university in Flanders a Dutch-speaking town of Leuven, Belgium. It conducts teaching, research, and other services in the engineering, sciences, humanities, medicine, law, and social sciences.

Place of study: Belgium

Scholarship value and inclusion: The scholarship amount value is not less than €10,000 per year.

The Board of the Science at the University of Leuven will decide exactly how much scholarship fund a student will be given.

The scholarship encompasses the tuition cost for 1 year, the insurance and a basic health insurance cost.

The awarded fund for living expenses varies. Most of the master program of the Faculty of Science is for the duration of two years.

The scholarship for the second ongoing master year will only be continued as per the student academic performance for the first year.

Belgium Scholarship


The applicants should not be a student who has studied or worked at the University of Leuven before.

Applicants should have a bachelor degree from a foreign university which provides them access to study what they are applying for.

Applicants should not be a student who has barges a master degree or a PhD already.

Applicants should be able to prove the excellent performance during their former training,

Applicants should be proficient in writing and speaking English.

Applicants should be able to exhibit a strong will to study a master programme at the Faculty of Science of the KU Leuven and be ready to be a good ambassador of the program.


Application guide:

Applicants should firsts Apply for the master programme of his/her choice through the application site of the KU Leuven. Applicants are to read carefully the application instructions.

Applicants should upload all required document available on the application tool such as:

A full list of course titles for which a credit is obtained. Indicating also the course size (in ECTS-credits) and the result you obtained, using the ECTS-scale; if the scale is different, please provide a meaningful summary that interprets the scores;

A short description (about a half or one full page) according to the standard guidelines provided for an ECTS-study and for the courses that you fit most for the master that you are considering,

At least two reference letters of internationally well-known professors; a motivation letter for the programme.

Once an applicant has completed and submitted their application for the master’s programme, they will get a message on the screen indicating successful submission of the application.

Afterwards, a screenshot of that message should be taken so as to show it later to the admission office.

Here is the application form

For more details and access to the application tool, please visit the school site.

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