Presidential Scholarship Zhengzhou University in China Fully Funded

Fully Funded Presidential Scholarship

Zhengzhou University in China, 2019 -Fully Funded Presidential Scholarship. Zhengzhou University is pleased to announce the offering of admission to her institution through “Zhengzhou University President Scholarship” in order to enhance international collaboration & exchange and encourage more excellent international students to study.

The scholarship is awarded to support international postgraduate students to study their degree (especially the PhD) in Zhengzhou University. The duration of scholarship differs from 3-4 years according to the duration of full-time master and doctorate program.


Presidential Scholarship Zhengzhou University

Scholarship inclusion:

Program Duration of Program Duration of Scholarship

For Master’s program 2—3 school years

For Doctorate program 3—4 school years

Program Tuition and Accommodation is just a portion of the fee and Doctor Full tuition CNY 750/month CNY 3,500/month.

Note:  students themselves are to bear the cost of the registration fee, textbooks, thesis defense, medical check-up, medical insurance, medical clinics, residence permit and other expenses.

Generally, the teaching language is Chinese, and some programs are taught in English.


Application deadline:

For spring semester: From the year of 15th November till the following year 15th January.

For autumn semester: From the year 1st March till 30th June (all students).

Application requirements:

Applicant should be a Non-Chinese citizen, physically healthy and without a criminal record;

Applicants must be law abiding and also to the regulations of the People’s Republic of China as well as university’s regulations.

Applicant must exhibit a good learning attitude and must have a good academic performance;

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalents and must not be more than 35years.

For more information and complete details Please visit the official website: 

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