Scholarships For International Students


Scholarship For International Students

Scholarships For International Students. Scholarships always come in different shades. While some are full-fledged and would cover living expenses, some may just be tuition only. Some also cover a combination of both and even much more. It’s not out of place to see scholarships covering not just living expenses and tuition fees, but also catering for books, insurance, and other little things. When a scholarship is fully funded, it will provide you will all you need as an international student.

The list of scholarships contained in this list is available for international students has living expenses and tuition fees factored in

How Do You Get Fully Funded Scholarship

Fulbright Foreign Student Program USA

One of the most prestigious scholarships for International students is the Fulbright Foreign Student Program. It is suitable for international students who want to obtain a Masters Degree or a PhD in America. Everything is covered for in this scholarship: from airfare to health insurance, a living stipend to health insurance. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program covers the entire period of your study.

British Chevening Scholarships
The British government awards Chevening Scholarships under their global scholarship programme scheme and they are given to students who are exceptional and are prospective leaders. This international scholarship award would naturally span through a year period. The award covers living stipends, tuition fees, a return ticket airfare to the United Kingdom and other basic expenses.

Australia Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Awards
Australia Endeavour Postgraduate Awards offers full financial assistance for foreign students all over the globe to enable them to take a Masters Degree or a PhD through coursework or research in whatever field of study in Australia. This scholarship covers tuition fees, travel stipends, monthly stipend, establishment allowance as well as travel and health insurance.

Switzerland Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships
This scholarship offered by the Swiss government affords graduates from every field the privilege to go for a doctoral or post-doctoral research in a public-funded university or any recognized institution within Switzerland. Beneficiaries of this scholarship will have their tuition fees, monthly allowance, health insurance, house allowance and so on.

International Students Swedish Scholarships
Sweden offers scholarships to international students from developing countries through the Swedish Institute to enable them to obtain their Master’s Degree from universities in Sweden. Beneficiaries of this scholarship would enjoy an allocation for living costs, tuition fees, insurance, transportation and travel grants.

BelgiumVLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships

Students are specially chosen from developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to benefit fem the VLIR-UOS scholarships. This would enable these students to embark on training as well as Masters programs that pertain to Universities in Belgium. The scholarship includes tuition, housing, stipends, travel costs and any other costs relating to the study.

Can International Student Get Full Scholarship?

United Kingdom Gates Cambridge Scholarships
International students who want to embark on graduate study and research can benefit from the Gates Cambridge Scholarship offered by the prestigious University of Cambridge. Any international student from around the globe can benefit from this scholarship. The scholarship caters for all the cost of studying at Cambridge University airfare, tuition and other university fees, with stipends.

United Kingdom Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford
The University of Oxford offers the renowned graduate scholarship scheme to no less than 140 qualified graduates applicants annually. Home and international students are eligible to apply for this scheme at the University of Oxford. The Clarendon Scholarship is strictly based on the merits for all degree subjects for graduates. This scholarship covers all the tuition and university fees and also provides stipends to cater for living expenses.

How Can I get Scholarship to Study Abroad?

United Kingdom Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships
Every year, the Warwick Graduate School offers about twenty-five Chancellor’s International Scholarships to the most exceptional international PhD applicants. This scholarship is open to all students irrespective of your nationality and discipline that you offer at the Warwick Graduate School. The scope of this scholarship covers feeding costs and tuition fees.

United Kingdom Westminster Full International Scholarships

Qualified students from developing countries who want to study in the UK are awarded the Westminster Full International Scholarships offered by the University of Westminster. This could be in any discipline and it covers tuition fully with accommodation, living costs and airfare.
Australia Adelaide Scholarships International
In a bid to woo top-notch international students, the University of Adelaide offers the Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) to the prestigious institution. These international students can research knowing well that their living expenses, tuition and health insurance are adequately covered.

Australia University of Sydney International Research Scholarships
Qualified candidates are invited to the University of Sydney to go through a Post Graduate Research Degree or Master’s Degree through Research Program so that they can apply for the Sydney International Research Scholarship. This scholarship covers living costs and tuition for a period of three years only.

Netherlands University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships
The aim of the University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarship provided by the UM Scholarship Fund, is to encourage gifted students who are outside the EEA to pursue a Master’s Programme at the University of Maastricht. The fund covers visa expenses, living costs, and insurance and tuition fees.

Netherlands TU Delft Excellence Scholarships
There is a myriad of excellent scholarship programs that the Deft University of Technology offers for international students. One of such offerings is the Justus and Louise van Effen Scholarship. This program seeks to give exceptional international students who wish to study at the University financial support. This program is a full one with monthly allowances for living costs and tuition fees.

Netherlands Erik Bleumink Scholarships at University of Groningen
International students who want to study a one-year or two-year Master’s Degree program at the University of Groningen can benefit from the Erik Bleumink Fund Scholarship. The scholarship includes airfare, living costs, health insurance and tuition fees.

Netherlands Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships
Specially gifted students outside the EU are awarded the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (AES) awards to enable them to embark on Masters programme that the University of Amsterdam offers. The Amsterdam Excellent Scholarship is a full scholarship that caters for living costs and tuition. The AES is up to the tune of €25,000.

Switzerland ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship Program
Exceptional international students who want to pursue a Master’s degree can get support with ETH Zurich. This program includes a grant that covers living and study costs as well as a waiver for tuition fees.

Canada International Leader of Tomorrow Award at University of British Columbia
Gifted International students from around the world can receive bachelors scholarships from the University of Columbia (UBC). Winners of the International Leader of Tomorrow Award can get an award-level that can measure up to their financial requirement based on their living expenses, tuition. This would exclude the money the student and their family would need to make to augment the expenses.

Canada Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program at University of Toronto
The University of Toronto offers the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program geared towards recognizing international students who have proven to be outstanding in their academic work and who are also known leaders in their institutions of study. This scholarship caters for books, emergency fees and a comprehensive residence support spanning through four years.

World Bank Scholarship 2018-2019

Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships
Students from World Bank member-countries can benefit from The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program which enables the students to study development-focused studies at chosen universities anywhere in the world. The scholarship covers airfare from your country to where the university is, cost of health insurance, monthly stipend, living costs, study materials and tuition.

Japan Scholarship Program ADB
Exceptional citizens of developing countries who are members of the Asian Development Bank can go for a postgraduate study in Economics, Science, Management and any other field relating to development in partner institutions within the Asia and Pacific axis. The Japan Scholarship program covers a monthly stipend, living costs, study materials, health insurance and transportation.

Rotary Scholarship 2018

Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants
The Rotary Foundation Global Grant scholarship is offered by the Rotary Foundation. The scholarship caters for graduate-level coursework or research spanning through one to four years. The scholarship sums up to at least $30,000 which can take care of beneficiaries living costs, airfare and transportation, study materials, accommodation.

The OPEC Fund for International Development Scholarship Award
The OPEC Fund for international students provides a fully funded scholarship to eligible applicants who want to enrol for a Master’s Degree in a recognized university anywhere in the world. The scholarship could be up to $50,000 and it caters for living costs, study materials, tuition fees, monthly stipends, accommodation and transportation costs.