Halmstad University scholarships International Fellowship and Grants

halmstad university scholarships

Halmstad University scholarships International Fellowship and Grants. Halmstad University gives a number of scholarships to students every year from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland with the need to pay tuition fee. These scholarships may be given to candidates in any field of study applying for a second degree (master’s) program at Halmstad University.

Halmstad University Scholarships

The University, Halmstad Scholarship covers an amount summing up to 25% or 50% of the tuition fee as a concession which will be deducted from the tuition fee. The scholarship does not cover the living costs of any students.

Scholarship applications for the autumn semester in 2019 will be opened by Halmstad University by March 1


Deadline for applying: March 10.

Application guide:

Apply for one of the Halmstad master’s programmes at www.universityadmissions.se.

The application fee must be paid to the University Admissions.

Only applicants who are qualified for the master programmes and who are eligible for Halmstad Scholarships University will receive an email with the online application form on 1st of March.

Applicants must fill in the online scholarship application form March 10.

Kindly bear in mind that you will need to furnish us with the application number you will be given by University Admissions.

The board will award scholarships to students based on academic performance (GPA but also ranking of the previous university and proficiency in English).

Applicants who chose Halmstad University as their first choice will have an edge in the nomination.

The University will notify qualified recipients of scholarships via email at the beginning of April.

Applicants who are not qualified for a scholarship will not be notified individually.

The scholarship will at the start be granted for one semester, but on the long run be extended for the lifespan of the study programme (2 or 4 semesters) as long as study results are satisfactory.

For detailed information about the Halmstad University scholarships, the application procedure and key dates, visit the Swedish Institute site

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