DreamGo Scholarship for International Students in the USA


DreamGo Scholarship USA

DreamGo Scholarship for International Students in the USA. Dream Go, Inc with pleasure announces the DreamGo Scholarship for all international student. They play a fundamental role in modelling the academic “dreams” of the students.

Through the DreamGo Scholarship program, they paint a dream of providing a supportive platform for international students without having to make any fees.

Dream Go, Inc is a multidimensional International Student-Oriented Educational Consulting firm based in New York City that helps students in funding their dreamed academy endeavours.

The corporation’s sole commitment is to give quality educational services in respect to college and university applications.

Dream Go Inc. with pleasure provides international students from China with scholarship up to a thousand dollars per semester.

Application’s Time limit: March 31, 2019

Course of Study: The scholarships are open to all undergraduate level programs.

Study discipline: Any discipline of the scholars

Scholarship value/inclusion: $1000 per semester are given to all qualified candidates. The qualified students will be selected by executives of Dream Go Inc. the scholarship notifications will be sent directly to the college or university of the qualified recipient.

Targeted group: International students

Number of awards: One scholarship award is available

Place of study: New York City, USA

Scholarship Eligibility:

All international students are eligible

A comprehensive statement of interest

Good academic performance (GPA must be 3.0 or higher)

Workers and their relatives of Dream Go Inc. are not eligible

Application guidelines:

Applicants are to submit a letter of recommendation to be considered for the scholarship. Applicants are permitted to apply once. DreamGo Inc. gives the right to verify all details, including the date of high school graduation and school registration status.


How to Apply: To apply, you must submit a completely filled scholarship application via email to scholarship@dreamgo.com. unfinished applications or those that include too much grammatical errors will not be considered.


To apply, email them at scholarship@dreamgo.com or call 646-838-3466.

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