Accounting Certificate Vs. Degree

Choosing between an Accounting Certificate and a Degree

  So you wanna make a choice between an accounting certificate and a degree? Let’s break it down. So we earlier established that accountants are indispensable in any business whether profit or nonprofit. Whether it is a Fortune 500 or a sole proprietorship, their role is highly critical for the smooth running of the business….

Accelerated Business Degree Online

Accelerated Business Degree To Advance Your Career

So you want to get an accelerated business degree to advance your career? Not a bad move. money makes the world go round goes an age-long cliché. If we are to believe that which is debatable though, it goes to underscore the importance of business both big and small in the life of any economy….

12 months business degree

So you wanna get your 12 months business degree, look no further! Money makes the world go round goes the age-long cliché. The reality is that business influences our day to day living. Corporations are now more powerful than countries in terms of their sphere of influence. Take Facebook, for example, it has more users…

Earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Two Years and Below

So you wanna earn your Bachelor’s Degree in two years or less? That’s the new way to go folks. Four years is a long time depending on how you view it. That is the lifespan of the tenure of the President of the United States. In most colleges in the US, it is the exact…