Best Online Degrees Ever

So you wanna know the five best online degrees you can enrol to? No qualms!


It’s the internet world these days—the internet of things. Almost every part of life can leverage on the power of the internet and education is not left behind as you would see.

Studying online and indeed online education has its benefits as people don’t have to travel miles from their homes to attend college. Folks can now attend college anywhere anytime—at their own convenience. Almost any university worth its hype these days offers an online degree and the amount of students signing up is on the ascendancy. Consequently, folks can keep up with their 9-5 and still study along easily.


  1. Business Administration

Business Administration is touted as the most widely acclaimed online degree according to U.S. News and World Report. A large chunk of students opts for Business Administration than other alternate online degree programs. This is because what is taught in Business Administration is significant for any chosen field and it lets students to be able to manage better, have a good sense of judgment, communicate better and be versatile.

People who have Business degrees also earn good salaries for their trouble. In the course of a typical career, your average college grad with a Business Administration can rake in a mammoth $2.6 Million Dollars according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s like $200,000 more than other workers having a Bachelor’s Degree.

About 6 million American workers have a business degree in business. This is according to the latest figures released by U.S. Census Bureau.  Most of these Americans work fulltime every other year in various management areas across industries like—Technology, Health Care, Marketing, Consulting, Manufacturing and Hospitality and Finance.

The average mid-career salary for workers with a bachelor’s degree in business administration is about $71,000.00 per year according to PayScale.


2. Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice curriculum is filled with a blend of various fields of academics. This includes disciplines like Sociology, Psychology, Law and Science.

Students who offer Criminal Justice online are prepped in areas like crime scenes, forensic scientists, legal analysts, investigators and probation officers. Positions for Criminal justice are available at every level of government—Federal, State, and Local.

As the scope of Criminal Justice constantly increases and new variants of crime like Cybercrime are recorded, a holder of a Criminal Justice degree with a background in Computer Science or Information Technology can be suitable for employment at the prestigious Federal Bureau of Investigation—FBI—or the Department of Homeland Security and such agencies.

The mid-career salary for those who hold a Criminal Justice Bachelor’s degree is about $58,400.00 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the median salaries of folks who work in the Criminal Justice niche hovers from $39,000 for jailers to about $43,000 for private investigators. Criminal Investigators and Detectives get about $70,000. The Criminal Justice is a career with benefits and it helps hold the fabrics of society together.


  1. Psychology

Five Best Online Degrees

A degree in Psychology is a door opener to a bunch of job opportunities in diverse industries. There is no limiting the places a Psychologist can function—from education to government, Criminal Justice to Insurance. They can also work as freelancers. The field of psychology is constantly growing and its expertise is required in other areas of the human endeavour. Such areas include—personality theory, psychotherapy, interpersonal relationships, emotion, neuroscience, sensation and perception, memory and cognition, abnormal behaviour, personal adjustment and human development.

Recently, The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked the twenty fast-rising careers in America and this showed that Industrial-Organizational Psychologists is the first, having a median pay of $83,580 per year with a growth rate of 53% from now till 2022. This clearly indicates that the growth rate is the highest of all the occupations.  According to PayScale, psychologists have a mid-career salary of $60,700.00

Are you keen on human behaviour and what drives people—their worries, aspirations and needs and want to assist people in these intrinsic things? Consider a degree in Psychology!

4. Nursing

In terms of folks who change the world, nurses are second to none—according to PayScale. To bag an online degree in nursing, you’ll have to enrol in soft and hard science classes which involves a slew of topics like Chemistry, Anatomy, Biology and Sociology, fashioned to prep nurses for the onerous task of caregiving and treatment of patients.

Technology is advancing all the time—even in Biosciences. These days, nurses now manage data of patients and proffer treatments in a digitized environment. To implement latest medical technology, students take courses like Nursing Informatics, Data Management and healthcare delivery systems.


According to U.S. News & World Report’s Best Jobs ranking, Nursing was listed as one of the top five careers. This is owed to its low employment rate and strong earning potential. The Bureau of Statistics says that registered nurses can earn a median salary of almost $64,700 a year just with an Associate’s Degree. This can even get better when nurses get their Bachelor’s degree. With a bachelor’s degree, the median salary shoots up to about $65,200.

A nursing degree is capable of elevating nurses to management positions according to U.S. News & World Report. The mid-career median salary for a nurse manager according to PayScale is $75,000 and $78,300 for a director.  Nurses who further their education to the graduate level will be eligible for openings in nursing education and administration. For those interest in attending graduate school, an online Master of Science in Nursing degree programs are offered to those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree. This is also applicable to those who don’t have a bachelor’s degree but possess the credential of a Registered Nurse.


  1. Education

Five Best Online Degrees

Education falls among the top 10 fields that continues to revolutionize the world. PayScale asserts that 75% of those with a bachelor’s degree believe that their occupation makes the world better. Having a bachelor’s degree in education means that you have to engage and inspire students while assessing their achievements and solve salient problems.

Elementary schools are expected to have an inclusion of about 250,000 new teaching openings by the year 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor. Expertise in special education and instructing English as a second language is in vogue because of the low supply of teachers with this training. So it makes sense that students who want to enhance their job potential can get certificates in special education in addition to their degree.

Of course, degrees in education can be obtained online. In addition to that, grads need to also earn their teaching license which varies by state. It is possible that certain schools may mandate teachers to have a master’s degree to hold their licence and fetch them a better pay. Teachers can further their education by earning an online Master of Education or Master of Science degree programs in branches like curriculum and instruction, teaching and learning, leadership and administration.