Bachelors Degree In Business Administration

Bachelors Degree Business Administration

A Bachelors Degree in Business Administration takes your chances of succeeding at a business beyond luck, it makes you equipped for the business terrain with world-class know-how as a business person. As a matter of fact, most of the jobs on the U.S. News & World Report’s list of the top 10 best business jobs are well suited for business administrators. Salaries for graduates of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration are above the national average pay. As an aspiring world-class business owner, investor, business managers you would have to sit and inertly study what setting up business looks like. It is only business administration as a course that the nook and cranny of the business world would be taught in schools.

Take for instance the SWOT analysis of a business, no ordinary aspiring business person would know what this analysis meant unless he/she has stumbled over a business handout or must have attended a business class. Aside from the SWOT analysis, there are other interesting facts and principle that guide successful business or even make you an efficient and effective employee in a business transacting organization. All these facts are mostly unveiled while in colleges or universities sitting in any business administration related classes.

Many interesting career opportunities are available in business administration. As a business administrator, you can be fixed in any business-oriented organization. It doesn’t take anyone long to acquire a degree in business administration neither does anyone needed to be badge by any special association to became a good business administration. It also of the opinion of students in the faculty of social sciences and management that business administration is course meant for low intellectual students and that it is the least course this faculty. That’s a blatant lie, as a matter of fact, business administration is on the best courses in that faculty because looking at our world today, businessmen and women run the economy of any nation. Most nation’s economy largely depends on the ability of those business people inhabiting the economy to input resources in a conceived idea in order to compete in the global market with their competitors. All these still boils down to having a well-trained business administrator produced from a college or university. Affluent men in the world are rated today by the index of their business profit or worth.

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration

Depending upon your level of dedication, a business administration degree can take the following time to complete:
Associate’s degree programs, which provide entry-level opportunity, usually take two years.
A bachelor’s degree program takes four years.
Generally, Master’s degree with MBAs will take about one or two years.

Sales Manager
A sales manager in a business organization is a key position that people seem to secure a job in. their duty is to ensure that a company’s product and service is marketed and keep the sales of the company’s product and sales at a reasonable rate. The more the sales the more the profit tends to increase in an organization and this why business owners and managers will always employ people showing interest as a sales manager. The least requirements is a bachelor’s degree.

Retail Manager
The retail manager in most cases are not less in duty performance to the sales managers, they nearly offer the same services to the organization they work for and they are likely to work hand in hand in order to achieve the common goal of the organization in regards keeping the index of profit high still.
The retail manager are sometimes very much important as the management of the organization have to know what chain of distribution they should adopt and the key stage of distribution is the retail stage. The retail managers always decide and relate more to prospective customers of a business organization.

Business analyst
The service of a business analyst is always needed by both private and public sectors, the public sectors that may need the service of a business analyst may be the Governments, they need a good business analyst to help the business owners and investor in the economy as touching the economy’s system and standard of living of the people. They need business analyst in other to know what a business organization is embarking on and how to monitor any business so they don’t operate to the detriment of the masses. The private business owners need a business analyst to analyze a lot of things to them ranging from, types of the economy to operate and establish a business, i.e. where to produce, what to produce and for whom to produce. These are done by a business analyst for the organization so they won’t run at loss. As a business analyst, the minimum requirement is to obtain a master degree as a business administrator.

Human Resources Generalist
Human resources managers or generalist are also one key personnel in a business organization that will always not struggle to secure a job. A good human resources manager helps the company to grow at a faster pace because the care or the human (employee) is the care of the business. In a business machines and equipment does not work by themselves people operate it that is why human resources are as important as other resources in a business. The requirement of a human resources generalist can be between a bachelor’s degree and a master degree depending on the sector or organization that gives an offer of employment.

Career opportunities with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration:

Operations Manager
Marketing specialist
Corporate Controller
Executive Director
Independent consultant
Business Managers
Program manager/officer
Administrative officer and a host of other managerial and administrative positions.