Accredited Online College Courses

Accredited Online Courses
Accredited Online Courses

So you wanna know the list of accredited online college courses? Welcome aboard! The American dream is predicated on the belief that talents and ideas can make one emerge fabulously wealthy from abject poverty. Many stories abound which highlight the rag to riches tale – from John D. Rockefeller to Andrew Carnegie, Oprah Winfrey, Curtis Jackson, Jay-Z.

It is a country where dreams come through as immigrants from all over the world find it the most attractive to migrate to.

The reality is that the majority of Americans are average Joes as few will ever have the talent of Michael Jackson or Bill Gates. The tragedy is that for every Bill Gates are thousands of ‘walking corpses’ whose dreams sadly enveloped into a huge nightmare that will scar and haunt them for the rest of their lives. The middle ground is a college education which can get you a decent job and make you live a good life.

Education is still a tool for social climbing and will remain so for a long time to come despite the global changes.

The internet has more or less democratized the learning process which has made it open to all. Never in the history of mankind has learning been literarily on the floor.


List of Accredited Online Colleges

Barry University

Barry University is a private school and a nonprofit. It is accredited by SACS COC. The institution offers online Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration, Emergency Management, Health Sciences, Administration and Masters of Arts in Public Administration and Administration.

Arcadia University

Arcadia University is a private and nonprofit educational institution. It is accredited by the MSCHE (Middle States Commission on Higher Education). It offers graduate certificates in autism, infant-toddler mental health, applied behavior analysis. They have the masters degree in fine arts and applied behavior analysis. They offer the doctoral degree in physical therapy.

Ashford University

Ashford University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and Universities Commission. It offers an associate degree in early childhood education.

It also offers online Bachelors degrees in the following areas:

  • Marketing,
  • Applied linguistics
  • Accounting, English,
  • Education studies,
  • Childhood education,
  • Information systems,
  • Business administration,
  • Economics, communication studies, history, entrepreneurship,
  • Health education, environmental studies, finance, childhood education
  • Administration, instructional design, human resources management
  • Library science, military science, public administration,
  • Journalism and communication studies, real estate management
  • Service management, psychology, information technology
  • supply chain management, sociology, social science, social and criminal justice.

This University offers masters degree in child development specialization, public health, psychology, healthcare administration, public administration, business administration, management information systems, human resources management, media management, instructional design, supply chain management, criminal justice, cybercrime, finance, global management, environmental management, accounting, curriculum instruction, family and community services.

Central Michigan University

The Central Michigan University is a public, nonprofit college and is accredited by the NCA HLC. Its recommendation rate is 50%.

It offers Bachelor Degrees in Administration, Early Childhood Learning, community development, fashion merchandising and design, public administration, political science, military studies, psychology, visual merchandising, product development, organization administration.

There are  Masters Degrees in public health, education, health administration, information systems, project management, enterprise systems, nutrition, marketing, logistics management, MBA in SAP software, information systems cybersecurity.

Doctorate Degrees are available in educational leadership, healthcare administration, educational technology.

They also offer certificates in SAP Software, human resources administration, international health, leadership, project management, leadership, fundraising, research administration, cybersecurity, technical & professional writing, college teaching, administrative essentials, administrative leadership, engineering management, acquisitions administration, information resource management, health systems leadership, recreation and park administration, general services administration.

Clarkson University

This is only suitable for graduate students. Clarkson University accredited by the MSCHE and is a nonprofit educational institution.

They offer MBA, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, electrical engineering, power engineering, civil and environmental engineering, chemistry, bioethics, data analytics, computer science, healthcare management, clinical leadership in healthcare management.

Doctorate degrees are offered in areas like Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering,  and Computer Science.

They also offer advanced certificates in global supply chain management, business fundamentals, business, the business of energy, bioethics, construction engineering management.

Corban University

Corban University is accredited by the NWCCU and is a nonprofit institution. It offers a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Psychology, Family Studies, Marketing, Pre-Counseling/Clinical.

The University also offers Master’s Degree in Christian Leadership, MBA, Divinity, Church Ministry, Curriculum, and Instruction.

Dominican University

Dominican University is a private, nonprofit institution and is accredited by the NCA HLC. It offers Bachelors Degrees in international studies, disability advocacy, sustainability studies, labor relations, criminal justice, public administration, paralegal studies.

It offers Masters Degrees in accounting, finance, healthcare administration, data analytics, conflict resolution, international business administration, leadership, library and information science, marketing.

Dominican University offers a certificate/diploma in English as a second language, endorsement in bilingualism, technology specialists.

Eastern Oregon University

Eastern Oregon University is a public, nonprofit institution.This University is accredited by the NWCCU and has a recommendation rate of 75%.

Bachelor Degrees are offered in anthropology, business administration, communication studies, English and writing, history, politics and economics, emergency services medical administration, fire services administration, early childhood education, health and physical activity, marketing, accounting, leadership, general business.

EOU offers Masters Degrees in business administration, teaching and education with certificates in reading and literacy, special education.

Friends University

Friends University is accredited by the NCA HLC and is a private, nonprofit educational institution. It offers a Bachelors Degree in computer information systems, business administration, operations management, healthcare management, business management.

It also offers an  MBA in accounting, supply chain management, and logistics, change management, healthcare leadership, management information systems, information security, Cybersecurity, Education with a focus on teaching and learning.

Lee University

Lee University is accredited by the SACS COC. It is a private, nonprofit college with a recommendation rate of 100%.

The institution offers Bachelor Degrees in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Ministry Leadership, Liberal Studies, Christian Studies, Theology, Management, Youth Ministry, Music.

Masters Degrees are available in Ministry Studies – Leadership Studies, Worship Studies, Youth and Family Studies, Marriage and Family Studies, MBA.

LU offers a certificate in Christian Leadership, Christian Education, Pastoral Studies, Intercultural Studies.