Accredited Online College Courses In Texas


Accredited Online College Courses in Texas
Accredited Online College Courses in Texas-

So you wanna get an accredited Online College Course in Texas? Cool thing!  Remember the Alamo! Many of us must have watched the epic movie which deals with the history of how Texas was founded. Texas is the United States’s second largest state. When the current US President, Donald Trump talked about building a wall which the Mexicans will pay for, he indirectly had Texas in mind as that wall would have passed through the oil-rich state.

An average Texan is rugged and lives in the open. The ruggedness of Texas has a large appeal even for immigrants. The state is close to nature as it is home to many ranches and has arguably the largest in the entire nation.

The state has produced many outstanding leaders in different fields of human endeavor. In politics, it has produced the Bush dynasty comprising Senator Prescott, George Sr, and Jr as well as Jeb Bush. In business, Ross Perot, the notable oil magnate is a Texan.

The state which has one of the nation’s highest Electoral College votes is home to many educational institutions as it believes greatly in human capital development.

We shall examine some of these online colleges and see how much impact they have on the nation’s quest for learning. Let us not forget that it was in Texas under the administration of George Bush as governor that he initiated a program which he dubbed ‘No child should be left behind.’ This program greatly exposed Texan kids to learn at a young age.

Texas has over 1.3 million students attending its over 200 colleges and universities. It offers different types of educational learning styles most notably the online learning.

The state has deep roots in education. Sit back and let’s take you through the breathless ride of accelerated Online College Courses in Texas!

Accelerated Online Degree Programs in Texas

The University of Texas at Austin

It offers three divergent types of online courses. The students have the choice among on-demand, real-time and self-paced online courses.

On-demand courses are flexible as the students study at their own time and pace, real-time have specific deadlines and set times that the students have to log in while the self-paced have no fixed deadlines as the students study at their own convenience.

The college allows for transferable credits obtained from it to be used in other colleges.

Courses in communication, business, mathematics are taught.

Texas State University

It offers hybrid courses – taught partially online and in person. The college also allows students resident in other states to get taught by its highly competent faculty members.

It makes use of the learning management system called Tracs.

Trinity University

It offers online courses in accounting, art history, anthropology, chemistry, business administration, biochemistry, biology, communication, environmental studies, finance, Chinese, English, German, engineering studies, physics, religion, philosophy, urban studies, theatre, Russian.

Its financial aid is enjoyed by 94% of the students with the graduation rate being 80%. The student to tutor ratio is 67:1.

Texas Woman’s University

It offers online programs in accounting, business administration, business management, business analytics, drama, criminal justice, family studies, general studies, human resources management, health studies, nursing practice, library science, marketing, occupational therapy, nutrition, sociology, special education, teaching.

The model of teaching is hybrid and fully online. It has a total of 143 programs and a 36% rate in the granting of financial aid. The graduation rate is 47%.

Howard Payne University

They offer online courses in music, business, education, humanities, nursing, sciences, mathematics. The financial aid rate is as high as 96% with the graduation rate being 43%. The student to tutor ratio is 87:1.

University of Dallas

Forbes rates it as one of the top fifteen Catholic universities in the United States. Its financial aid rate is 99% and it has a graduation rate of 69%. The student to tutor ratio is 58:1.

Houston Baptist University

It offers online undergraduate programs in nursing, psychology, management, theological studies, biblical studies, Christian counseling. It also offers graduate programs in educational administration, nursing, human resources management, sports management, curriculum and instructional technology, military and veteran care, pastoral counseling, addiction and recovery, human sexuality, crisis response.

The total number of programs offered is 77 and the financial aid rate is 100% making it one of the most affordable universities in the United States. The graduation rate is 45% and the student to tutor ratio is 77:1.

Dallas Baptist University

It has 75-degree programs fully online. The average number of students in each online class is 11.

The financial aid rate is 86%; the student to tutor ratio is 86:1 and the graduation rate is 54%.

St. Mary’s University

It offers online graduate programs in international relations, theology, software engineering, jurisprudence. The financial aid rate is 96% with the student to tutor ratio being 74:1. The graduation rate is 57%.

University of Houston-Victoria

It offers a total of thirty programs. The financial aid rate is 92%; the student to tutor ratio is 30:1.

University of Houston-Downtown

It offers online degree programs in marketing, management, insurance & risk management, management information systems, supply chain management, finance, general business, international business, security management, humanities, criminal justice, political science, psychology, nonprofit management, professional writing, applied administration.

Its financial aid rate is 34% with the student to tutor ratio being 45:1. Its graduation rate is 12%.

Wayland Baptist University

Wayland Baptist University offers an online doctorate degree in management, Masters degree in criminal justice, humanities, history, English, education, MBA, public administration, nursing, Divinity, Christian Ministry. WBU offers Bachelors Degrees in applied science, psychology, business administration, Christian ministry. It also offers associate degrees in applied sciences.

The financial aid rate is 33%; the student to tutor ratio is 70:1. The graduation rate is 36%.

Southern Methodist University

They offer online certificate courses in technical writing, web design, grant writing and research, mobile application design and development, supervisory and managerial skills, management for high technology professionals.

SMU also offers in-person certificate programs in paralegal studies, digital marketing, graphic design, intelligence analysis, cyber threat analysis, project management, nonprofit leadership, user experience design.

Its financial aid rate is a generous 92%; the student to tutor ratio is 184:! And the graduation rate is 80%.