Accredited Online Business School


So you wanna get into an accredited Online Business School? Smart move!The establishment of business schools in the United States is still a recent phenomenon. The oldest university, Harvard which is easily the most prestigious was founded in 1636. Consider that its business school which is the first in the country, Harvard Business School didn’t get established in 1908.

The coming of the business schools coincided with the age of the Robber Barons which characterized 19th century America where the likes of John .D. Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Gustavus Swift, Andrew Carnegie, Leland Stanford Sr and many more made mind-boggling fortunes starting from the scratch. With the exception of JP Morgan and a few others, the majority of the robber barons as they were dubbed by the press for their questionable business ethics didn’t possess a college degree. Some didn’t even finish high school like Carnegie who left school at 13 and Rockefeller who got his first job as a bookkeeper in Ohio at 14.

The establishment of business schools became necessary as it wasn’t always the norm for the offspring of the founders of the corporations to succeed their parents. Some were downright incompetent or uninterested. It, therefore, became necessary to train employees to run these corporations that they had no financial stake in. This thought which dominated the latter part of the 19th century precipitated a rise in the emergence of business schools all across the country.

Many of these schools offer online classes which are in the best interest of Americans as they juggle many things together. Let us examine some of the accredited online business schools closely so that you can choose wisely.

Accredited Online Business Schools

Indiana University East

This is a nonprofit school with an acceptance rate of 62%. It offers the online Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Finance. Courses are taken in administrative policy, new venture creation, international business, marketing management, leadership, organizational behavior.

Huntington University

Huntington University acceptance rate is 84% and it is a nonprofit institution. It offers classes in global business management, business ethics, social media, public relations, business maths, organizational behavior, group behavior. It offers the Bachelor of Business Administration as well as Marketing.

Central Christian College of Kansas

The Central Christian College of Kansas is accredited by the NCA HLC. Its acceptance rate is 54% and is a nonprofit institution.

Classes are taught in computer application in business, managerial accounting, business law, strategic management.

Online degrees are offered in business administration, healthcare management, organizational leadership, healthcare administration, human resources management, accounting.

Mckendree University

The accreditation is done by NCA HLC. It is a nonprofit school and has an acceptance rate of 63%. Classes are taken in business strategy and policy, international business, consumer behavior, business ethics and social response, organizational behavior.

Online Bachelor Degrees are offered in Business Administration, Accounting, human resources management, sports management, marketing, and management.

Cleveland State University

CSU is accredited by the HCA NLC and is a nonprofit institution. Its acceptance rate is 64%. Classes are taught in society & government, innovation management, management strategy and policy, service operations management, customer relations, business, society, and government.

It offers the online Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

Concordia University, Irvine

Concordia University is accredited by WASC WSCUC. It is also a nonprofit institution with an acceptance rate of 59%. Courses are taught in financial management of a business, business strategies, social media, and the new economy, writing and communication for the workplace, managing today’s worker, business leadership strategies.

It offers the online Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Leadership.

Judson College

JC is a nonprofit educational institution and is accredited by the SACS COC. Its acceptance rate is 63% and it offers classes in ethical leadership, e-commerce, retail management, history of American Organizations, students in free enterprise.

It offers both the BS and BA in Business Administration.

Kentucky Wesleyan College

Kentucky Wesleyan College is accredited by the SACS COC. It is a nonprofit with an acceptance rate of 64%. Classes are taught in business strategy, value creation, managerial statistics, entrepreneurship, business and professional writing.

It offers the BS in Business Administration.

Buena Vista University

Buena Vista University is a nonprofit and accredited by the NCA HLC. Its acceptance rate is 68% and classes are taught in business marketing, analysis of financial statements, organization theory, cost accounting, international economics, consumer behavior.

It offers the Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Applied Management, Human Resources, Organizational Leadership, Banking, and Finance.

Johnson University Florida

Johnson University enjoys multiple accreditations from SACS COC, ABHE, TRACS. It is a nonprofit with an acceptance rate of 39%.

Classes are offered in business finance, marketing, organizational strategy and policy, business law, decision making, business analytics, leadership development.

The University gives out Bachelors in Business Administration, Sports Management, Management, and Marketing.

Truett McConnell University

TMU is accredited by the SACS COC and is a nonprofit institution. Its acceptance rate is 53%. Classes are taught in international strategic management, financial modeling, insurance, risk management, statistical analysis for business, organizational behavior.

It offers the online Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

Eastern University

The Eastern University was specially designed for adult students who want to work while still improving themselves educationally. The required credit is 121 hours. It has two start dates – April and October. The classes are small-sized and the curriculum has a high degree of Christian focus.

DeSales University

DeSales University has an ACBSP accreditation and a general business focus. 120 credits make up the course. The school allows for the transfer of credit for those who have studied elsewhere.

Eleven start dates are offered in the year which makes it highly flexible for busy professionals.

Oral Roberts University

This is a Christian educational institution based in Oklahoma. All students take general courses before proceeding to business-specific courses in accounting, marketing, and finance.

As at 2011, freshmen retention was as high as 80%. With a business degree from ORU, you can earn between $47,000 to $67,000 a year. It is certainly worth the investment and all-nighters.

Dakota State University

This program is taught by experienced faculty members and the class sizes are small to ensure adequate attention to the students. It has the ACBSP accreditation. The online and on-campus models are used to effectively teach the students. The credits required to graduate is 120 and it is a four-year degree.