Accredited Online Business Schools

Accredited Online Business School

  So you wanna get into an accredited Online Business School? Smart move!The establishment of business schools in the United States is still a recent phenomenon. The oldest university, Harvard which is easily the most prestigious was founded in 1636. Consider that its business school which is the first in the country, Harvard Business School…

Accredited Online College Courses in Texas

Accredited Online College Courses In Texas

  So you wanna get an accredited Online College Course in Texas? Cool thing!  Remember the Alamo! Many of us must have watched the epic movie which deals with the history of how Texas was founded. Texas is the United States’s second largest state. When the current US President, Donald Trump talked about building a…

Accredited Online Courses

Accredited Online College Courses

So you wanna know the list of accredited online college courses? Welcome aboard! The American dream is predicated on the belief that talents and ideas can make one emerge fabulously wealthy from abject poverty. Many stories abound which highlight the rag to riches tale – from John D. Rockefeller to Andrew Carnegie, Oprah Winfrey, Curtis…

Accredited Online Business Management Degree

  Accredited Online Business Management Degree So you wanna get an accredited Online Business Management Degree? Not a bad idea! Americans are proud of their unbroken heritage in possessing a free enterprise economy where ideas can become the next big thing. Think of the great ideas that have powered our robust economy – Microsoft, Apple,…

Accounting Certificate

Accounting Certifications Without College Degree

Accounting Certifications Without College Degree   So you wanna know if you can get an accounting certificate without a college degree? Come along let’s see what’s possible! Accountants play a key role in business as they help to ensure that cash flow exists and is maintained. No business on the planet can survive without cash…

Accounting Certificate Vs. Degree

Accounting Certificate vs. Degree

So you wanna know whether an accounting certificate is better than a degree? Let’s take a closer look! We remember the immortal words of one of our nation’s founders, Benjamin Franklin when he quipped that the only two certain things in life are death and taxes. Accountants are needed for the purpose of taxation which…

Accounting Certificate Vs. Degree

Choosing between an Accounting Certificate and a Degree

  So you wanna make a choice between an accounting certificate and a degree? Let’s break it down. So we earlier established that accountants are indispensable in any business whether profit or nonprofit. Whether it is a Fortune 500 or a sole proprietorship, their role is highly critical for the smooth running of the business….

Accelerated Business Degree Online

Accelerated Business Degree To Advance Your Career

So you want to get an accelerated business degree to advance your career? Not a bad move. money makes the world go round goes an age-long cliché. If we are to believe that which is debatable though, it goes to underscore the importance of business both big and small in the life of any economy….

Bachelor’s Degrees in Less Than Two Years

So you wanna get your Bachelors Degrees in less than two years or so?  Many potential undergraduates cringe at the thought of investing that time in their pursuit of higher education. To some it seems like forever; to others considering the student’s loans, it seems the preparation for a lifetime of financial bondage. We are…

Salary for Accounting Certificate

So you want to know the salary you’ll get for an accounting certificate? Not a bad move!  Accountants are indispensable in the world of business as they help to look after the books to ensure that cash flow is continuous. Cash flow is the blood of any business as without it the enterprise is as…