Accelerated Accounting Degree Online

So you wanna get an accelerated accounting degree online?  Are you a numbers freak? Do you have the patience and grit to solve figures challenges? Are you averse to fraud and have an eagle-eye to avert them by sifting through many figures? If you fit the bill then a career in accounting may just be a calling for you.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the demand for accountants will continue to increase. Therefore, this is a wonderful investment as you won’t be scratching your head thinking of how to replay your student loan if you took one. Good jobs are already there for the taking.

The hiring of accountants is projected to be at around 11% annually. Wow! This is indeed a goldmine! If you have what it takes, hesitate no more; just rush in headlong!

How can you take advantage of the online age to earn a degree in this prestigious and in demand field online so that you can still multi-task?

We present to you in a jiffy some opportunities that could make this dream come to reality.

Western Governors University

This is a private educational institution that has a great expertise in online learning. The students have a mentor who provides coaching services to them so as to enable them develop adequately.

There is the BS accounting online which enables the students seek careers as auditors or tax accountants.

University of Northwestern Ohio

UNO is located in Ohio and is a nonprofit institution of higher learning. Students are drawn from all the fifty states of the country and nationals from over fifteen countries of the world are attracted to it. A student is certain of acquiring a multicultural education which is extremely useful for globalisation.

The university helps accounting students become CPA’s which is in extremely high demand in the US. The teaching is also done online with many learning styles being adopted in its teaching process.

West Virginia State University

WVSU was founded as a historically black public university and was founded in 1890.

The university  offers a BS in Business Administration with a bias in accounting and the teaching is done via online methods. Graduates of this rigorous program go on to become business analysts, tax specialists and are trained to take the CPA exam which is a hotcake among employers of labor.

Intending applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 and provide their official transcripts for critical assessment.

Bemidji State University

This is situated in Minnesota and was established in 1919 as a college for teacher training. They had many name changes until 1975 when they became what we now address them as.

They have a robust program for a BS in accounting online. It is flexible as students can engage in a plethora of activities while still committing to it. If taken full time, it can be completed in two years. The students also have the privilege of obtaining state-in tuition.

Clarion University

Established in 1887, the university became a fully fledged college in 1920. The accounting program can be done online or through the traditional way.

The students are taught to be analytical as well as critical thinkers and are made to have an eye for the minutest details. The school gives them a solid foundation for them to effectively fit in for graduate studies if they choose to pursue their education to that level.

University of Toledo

It is situated in the Toledo area of Ohio. It is renowned for its students who undergo the online BS accounting course having a high pass rate in the CPA examination. There are numerous services like the elibrary and a 247 IT help desk which greatly enhances the students learning.

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University has its origins in the Roman-Catholic Church and was founded in 1889 in Florida.

It backs students doing the BS accounting online with the skills they need to work in various sectors of the economy from IT to nonprofits, public sector, financial sector etc as successful accountants.

The curriculum transverses all aspects of accounting, taxation, business law etc.

The students end up being well rounded as there are numerous opportunities for leadership trainings.

Belhaven University

This is situated in Mississippi. It offers online degrees in a vast number of disciplines.

It recognized the high demand for accountants and offers a highly comprehensive BS in accounting online. There are internship opportunities for students which lead to good jobs and the students are taught all aspects of accounting in order to make them compete favorably with their peers from all across the globe.

They are also prepared to take the CPA exam.

Indiana State University

It was founded in 1865 and is located in Indiana. Its online BS accounting degree is regarded as one of the best in the country to prepare the students for the CPA. The curriculum has a high focus on taxation, auditing, information systems, financial management etc. it can be rounded off in four years if studied on a full time basis.

Upper Iowa University

It is located in Iowa and is renowned for its online and distance learning programs.

The online BS in accounting prepares the students to pass the CPA at first sitting as well as grooming them for a highly rewarding accounting career. The courses they take include auditing, federal taxation, managerial accounting, financial accounting etc.

University of Memphis

It is located in Memphis, Tennessee and was founded in 1912.

The online BS accounting degree is given by the School of Business Administration. 120 credit hours is needed to graduate. There is the transfer of students from the community colleges who have the pre-requisite credits.

They are well tutored to take and pass the CPA exam as they have the antecedent of an extremely high pass rate.

Linfield College

Located in Oregon with an extra campus in Portland, the college  is a liberal arts college with Baptist origins.

Linfield college offers a BS in accounting online and is suitable for adults who need a robust financial aid to offset the tuition and other related expenses. The students have unfettered access to the faculty, library and online tutoring services. Students are also well prepared to pass the CPA exam.