12 months business degree

So you wanna get your 12 months business degree, look no further! Money makes the world go round goes the age-long cliché. The reality is that business influences our day to day living. Corporations are now more powerful than countries in terms of their sphere of influence. Take Facebook, for example, it has more users than China which is the world’s most populous nation! This is even because China has refused to let them into their country. We can only imagine the number of users if they had been that ‘generous!

Business Degrees are becoming more important in the competitive world of work as the holders have an edge in terms of leadership roles, promotions and the handling of enormous responsibilities.

Let us critically examine some business degrees from some world-renowned institutions that could accelerate your career path.

London School of International Business UK MBA

This great MBA is a departure from the norm of the traditional MBA. It caters to the needs of upwardly mobile workers who don’t have the time to leave their places of work to do an MBA on a full-time basis.

It provides a good return on investment as it gives immense value for time and money. The duration is 12 months and the modus operandi is online.

It has world-renowned Professors as part of its Faculty and its facilities are nothing short of the state-of-the-art.

Its degree is accepted all over the world and the students mix town with the gown as they learn from real life scenarios/case studies.

It is also cheaper than the traditional MBA as you save about 40% of the cost.

Our support team can be accessed 247 from any part of the world. The school is also multicultural and students will effortlessly blend with their counterparts from all parts of the world which will be a steep learning curve for them.

The entry qualifications are a Bachelors Degree, Diploma with relevant work experience.

The modules are in strategic management, financial management, marketing management, change management, research methods etc.

The students are assessed through project work and online.


MBA – General Management GBP £7700 (or US $9,500)
MBA – Financial Management GBP £ 8400 (or US $10,400)
MBA – Marketing Management GBP £ 8400 (or US $10,400)
MBA – Human Resource Management GBP £8400 (or US $10,400)

Graduates can pursue careers as venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, work in the financial sector, work as financial analysts across all sectors, non profits etc.

Trine University

The Mba FROM THE Ketner School of Business aims at making its graduates well grounded in all aspects of the business from marketing to finance, sales etc. It gives a broad-based and rounded business education.

It is a one year program and has a sturdy focus on strategy, marketing, global finance, decision making.

We have been in existence for well over a hundred years and many Asians and Africans are attracted to our fold. This gives a solid cross-cultural education and helps in the process of globalization.

We teach combining the classroom and online.

To apply you need:

A transcript

Three letters of recommendation


Statement of Purpose

Completed Online Application

The Graduates can work in Financial and Non-Financial Institutions in a wide variety of roles ranging from business analyst to credit officer, business development manager, strategy officer etc.

All classes are taught in the English Language.

Johnson Cornell Tech MBA

This MBA harmonizes technology with the traditional MBA as technology has a huge effect on the business world.

It is run by the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management in Cornell University – one of the US Ivy League Institutions with the MBA school being among the top 15 in the country according to the US News and World Report.

The time for completion is just a year, less than the usual 18 or 24 months for the traditional MBA.

The school’s location is in New York, the nation’s financial capital and the students have the opportunity to mix with the power movers in the financial circles. There are abundant networking opportunities and being an alumnus will certainly be a door opener to many great things to come.

Suitable applicants should have a deep passion for technology and entrepreneurship. They should also have digital skills as well. There is a preference for graduates with an engineering or science background. They are meant to be critical thinkers, independent decision makers who can think outside the box.

The topics covered include data science, business models, negotiations, technology strategy, digital marketing.

Careers for graduates include product manager, project manager, product marketing manager, startup founder/co-founder etc.

To be eligible for the application you need a resume, a high level of proven creativity, references from three people, transcripts, GRE/GMAT scores, payment of the application fee. You can also use a phone interview.

For international applicants, there is the need to have IELTS/TOEFL.

The language of instruction is in English.

Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business

If you have the ambitions of taking your career to the next level, this MBA will be ideal for you. It will also aid graduates of business at the undergraduate level who wish to learn further about the intricacies of business to have an advantage over their competitors in the cutthroat world of work.

It is a 42-credit degree that is completed within 12 months. The resumption time is usually in June.

This MBA gives the students unfettered access to its alumni, business leaders and offers unlimited opportunities for solid networking.

You will have the opportunity to be mentored by industry experts who will give practical bite to the theories being taught in the classroom. The classmates also come from all parts of the globe and so there is the opportunity to mix with different cultures which will greatly broaden the horizon.

The courses taught are business communication, strategy, business law and ethics, international business, managerial statistics, management of organizations and human beings, firms in the global economy, competitive advantage, business consulting, business and society relationships.

There is also the privilege of an international tour which is optional though; it promises to greatly expose the students to global business practices.

The language of instruction is in English.